Dealing with Dark Circles

September 13th, 2011

Do the dark circles under your eyes spell out W-A-S-T-E-D? Do these ill-looking issues give out the impression of being old and tired? Well, you are not alone. Everybody has their own bouts of dark circle concerns.

Whether they are features you can brag or facets to hide from the world, it would be practically your call. The thing is, everybody feels despair as far as these skin pigmentations is concerned.

And when sleep alone isn’t enough to get rid of the pesky worries, sending an S-O-S is simply unavoidable.

The Reasons

Dark circles don’t just pop out of nowhere. Just like any circumstance, there lies logic behind every single shade. Though not thoroughly understood, there are various etiologies surrounding the development of dark circles.

More than booze, here are some of the main causes of periorbital dark circles.

  • Descent. Dark circles are particularly common among Asian and African descent.
  • Heredity. At some point this hyperpigmentation are inherited traits. Since the skin around the eyes are the thinnest in the body, blood vessels become way too visible. This visibility features a shadowy drop. Skin transparency is also hereditary. The more transparent the skin is, the darker the circles are. A deep-set bone structure also contributes to a dark under-eye façade.
  • Age. When one’s age increase in years, these circles tend to become darker and permanent. Naturally, the skin loses collagen as a person gets old. Lack of collagen makes the skin more translucent, thus, darker under-eye circles.
  • Medical Conditions. Allergies and asthma are few of the conditions which can contribute to under-eye discolorations. Generally, conditions which can cause itchiness and irritation result to unwanted tones under the eyes.

Dark circles are also consequences of conditions such as liver problems and anemia.

  • Medications. Certain drugs that cause dilation of vessels cause dark circles. Increased blood flow is very prominent on areas with thinner skin.
  • Fatigue. Tiredness and lack of sleep cause skin pallor. This makes the circles look bluer and even darker.

What Can You Do?

The most basic way to avoid these circles is to get rid of the causes. However, not all causes are unavoidable.

You don’t have to fret, though. Here are some things that might help you wipe off these unwanted hues.

  • concealersDark circles are usually masked by a healthy dose of concealers. Concealing dark circles is a simple task. Just remember these simple points. If you have mild to moderate discoloration, use a liquid-based concealer. If the hues are quite prominent, use a cream or a cake. Make sure that the concealer is of your skin type. When applying the cake or cream, lightly pat the concealer on the skin from the inner to the outer eye area.
  • Hydrate and moisturize your skin. Pamper it with a skin-friendly moisturizer.
  • Always remember to use sunscreen when outdoors.
  • Intense Pulse Light treatment might just be your instant fix.

Problems always come with solutions. Remember that dark circles may be bothersome issues but they don’t come in one-way tickets.

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