The use of HGH has led to a big controversy. Researchers and scientists never ceased to develop this naturally existing hormone in the body into a pill that can give you tremendous health benefits. Recombinant DNA gave way to the production of HGH.

Uses of HGH

A child may have growth hormone problems or deficiency without getting diagnosed. Also, adults can have the same problem and HGH products gave light to this concern.

Only recently, the importance of the synthetic form of human growth hormone is fully understood. You may think that it is a part of a black market and has been banned for use by athletes and body-builders.

There are more uses to this pill than just what you hear from the HGH controversy.

HGH Deficiency among Adults: How It Happens

In children, HGH deficiency is because of not being able to synthesize the hormone. On the other hand, adults experience health problems related to deficient levels of HGH because of poor production of the said substance which may come with aging.

The production of HGH during the early years of life is more efficient than during the later years of life. From this sprang the health problems. What are the conditions associated with HGH deficiency in adulthood?

Diseases of Old Age

There are many diseases of old age, also known as degenerative diseases, which are attributed to a deficient level of the protein HGH. This hormonal deficiency may lead to heart problems.

Your heart may start to form plaques and start to slow down and weaken. Your poor fat and cholesterol metabolism may be the culprit to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Osteoporosis is another degenerative disease that may develop later in life. Your bones may start to become more porous and brittle.

Muscle wasting as well as weight problems are health conditions that can be reversed with the proper use of HGH. The said drug can enhance sexual performance as well as make you feel energized and stronger.


hgh injectionHealth problems that are due to diminishing amounts of human growth hormone may need hormonal replacement therapy. This treatment is done on both children and adults who have HGH deficiency.

Tests will be done to diagnose your condition. Once HGH deficiency is established, treatment with HGH injections may be necessary. However, the administration of this synthetic hormone can only be done by a medical expert.

Some products can also be used to stimulate pituitary function. They are called HGH supplements.

These products work by allowing your pituitary gland to synthesize more growth hormones in order to compensate for the deficiency. This can make an adult have better organ functioning as well as feel better.

HGH and Old Age

Old age is an inevitable process. However, you can do something to slow down your aging clock. Discuss your health condition with your doctor and ask for advice regarding the use of HGH supplements.

Your doctor may agree that these drugs when used properly can increase longevity as well as improve the quality of life.

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HGH Revives Your Sex Life

March 18th, 2011

The aging process leaves you with many changes that you need to face. Problems on sexual performance are just one of these. Undeniably, sexual health is an important aspect of your life. It may be a delicate issue for some yet from this sprang relationship problems.


What do the three letters stand for? Human growth hormone is a substance naturally found in your body. It is produced by a pea-sized gland that has major functions.

Your pituitary gland secretes HGH in high amounts until your reach poverty and is responsible for human growth. This hormone eventually decreases as you age.

What are the Functions of HGH?

HGH, the natural substance in your body, works by promoting muscle and bone growth, giving you vitality and youthfulness and even in preventing degenerative diseases or diseases of old age.

Another function of this drug that many people (especially men) are interested of is its effect on sexual performance.

The Pill

hgh pillsHuman growth hormone is developed today as a pill that can give you various health benefits. You may suffer from old age and you want to enhance your sexual relationship with your partner.

It is undeniable that as you age, you become less effective on bed. This is attributed to vascular problems or poor functioning by your reproductive organs.

You can use an HGH supplement in order to reverse the signs of aging. Some use this product to enhance sexual performance aside from its various health benefits.

How It Works

You may not be as physically able as you were years ago in doing vigorous activities such as being in an intimate moment with your spouse on bed. HGH can lift your mood and make you more alert.

This means a heightened sexual performance. HGH supplements are great options for couples like you who are still fit to engage in such activity yet do not have the energy to do so.

HGH can help you have the same amount of hormones produced by the glands of your body which are necessary in reviving your sex life.

Some of these supplements do not need a prescription. Some of these supplements are made from natural plant extracts such as ginseng that can help in stimulating HGH production.

The Potent Preparation

The HGH drug used medically to treat growth hormone problems are bought only with a prescription.

These products are made of the synthetic form of human growth hormone and have long been used to treat hormonal problems especially among children with growth problems and in cases of pituitary tumor.

Today, this more potent form of the drug is used in treating problems with sexual dysfunction.

Seeking a Doctor’s Advice

You need an effective remedy for your problem on your sex life. Many people are concerned about the same issue you have.

Seek for a consultation with a medical expert and discuss with him your plans of turning to the use of HGH products to solve your problems with sex. Using the drug without a prescription can make things worse than having a problem with sexual performance.

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